Bathroom & Kitchen Installation

We cover all aspects of bathroom and kitchen installation, from design to completion. We can also supply and fit for you, ensuring your new bathroom or kitchen is installed with the minimum of fuss. Whether you just need to change a basin or fit a new door, we can provide the service you need. We are fully trained and Gas Safe Registered, ensuring your peace of mind when we undertake a new installation for you. We fully manage the project from start to finish - leaving you to sit back and relax!


When you are having a property refurbished, there are a huge number of things that you will need to take into consideration. Because of this, it is vital to have the right experts on your side to help you, and our refurbishment team are best placed to help you with this. No matter whether you’re just looking to have one room refurbished or whether you’re working on a whole property, the skills that we have to bring to the table are sure to transform the way that your project can move forward, so get in touch for a chat today.


If you have a little money that you would like to invest into your home at the moment, then an extension could be a great choice to make. There are lots of reasons why this is the case, but the main one is the amount of added space that you could get from it. Our team have a keen eye for design, and can help you to plan and build an extension that caters for the needs of all in your household. With many different options available to you, we can have a chat and help you to decide, so get in touch with us today to find out how we can help.


Having a loft conversion in your home is a big decision to make, and you will always need to ensure that you are taking everything into consideration. Luckily, our conversion service can help this, and we can ensure that you are given all of the guidance that you need right from the design stage to get through the planning application and really get a conversion that you will love. This is going to have a massive impact on your home and give you a lot of extra space, so get in touch with our experts and see how we can transform your living space.


If you have a property that you would like to renovate, you may be excited about the difference that you will be able to make to it. However, there are lots of aspects that will need to be thought of, and this can seem a little overwhelming if you have a lot to deal with in your daily life. Our team can take the strain, as we have excellent skills in all areas of property management and renovations. We can oversee all of the work, ensuring that everything is done effectively, so get in touch with us to see how we could help.

New Builds

Moving into a new home is a fantastic experience, but if it has been built specifically for you then this is even better. Our team have a range of skills perfect for the job, and we have plenty of experience of working on new build properties. We can help you to formulate a design that will be absolutely ideal for your new home, and then bring it to life using all of our skills and expertise. If you would like a home that is yours and yours alone, simply get in touch with us to get the ball rolling and have a chat about your requirements.


Although tiling is most common in kitchens and bathrooms, there is no doubt that it can add a lot to any room in your home, so if you have decided that this is the way forward for you then you are likely to be thrilled with the service that we can offer. Our team have the skills to complete your tiling work to the highest possible standards thanks to all of our industry experience, and this means that the work will look stunning. For a great change in your home, get in touch with our tiling team and have a chat about the design that you have in mind.


The right standard of plastering can make a big difference to the way that your home looks, and because of this you can be certain that you will love the skills of our team. Plastering is an art, and we have plenty of experience in projects that we have worked on in the past to ensure that we have honed our skills in the best possible way. No matter whether you need plaster on walls, ceilings or another part of your home, our team can help you, and you will definitely be happy with the stunning results that we can produce for you.


The way your property is decorated can make a big difference to how you feel about it as a whole, and because of this you will always want to make sure that it is decorated to the highest of standards. With this in mind, our team will be able to help you, as we have excellent decorating skills for you to make the most of. We can turn our hand to any room in your property and use our skills to your advantage, so if you are interested in making the most of this, get in touch with us to book a meeting with our team.